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Wraps & Burritos with a Latin Twist.

At Comida Vida, we know that our foodservice customers’ menus are important to their business and that finding the right products is key to success. We are committed to helping you by creating great-tasting, innovative products with a twist. Now you don’t have to leave the country to find the delicious taste of Latin cuisine. Whether your customers are craving something with a Caribbean vibe or Mexican beat, Comida Vida has the perfect product for you! Comida Vida offers exceptional wraps and burritos with new and exciting Latin flavors originating from the Caribbean, Cuba, Mexico and Central and South America. Made with only the finest, quality ingredients—ingredients like shredded chicken, beef and Cuban pork; whole pinto and black beans; brown rice; quinoa; cheese; salsa; and whole wheat tortillas—our products are fully assembled, available in multiple servings and are convenient to serve. At Comida Vida, we aim to provide meal solutions that taste authentic and are easy for you to prepare. Our burrito bar kits, called Wrap, Protein and Veggies (WPV), are a speed scratch solution that includes most of what you need to serve fresh made burritos and wraps. Each case is designed to “heat and serve” out of the box. All of our WPV kits and pre-made burritos and wraps meet Child Nutrition (CN) crediting for Meats, Grains and Veggies.  
For a new twist on wraps and burritos, make it Comida Vida! Latin food for your life.
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